A prayer:

Oh father God. 

Where should I look for work?  Should I look for work publishing blog articles?  Writing about health and fitness? 

Or should I start putting in applications at places around town, at the types of jobs I’ve held before?

As I work to put both plans in place, I thank you Lord.

Thank you father God for placing me exactly where I need to be when I need to be.  I have found your favor in this season.

You are doing a mighty work in my heart and I am forever grateful. 

I love you Lord and I want to draw closer and closer to you.  Purify my heart Lord.  I thank you for the gift of fasting and abstaining from earthly pleasures like food and junk food, in order to be closer to you. 

Use me Lord for your Glory. 

I thank you that when we seek your face, you show up and everything begins to line up in our lives. 

Father, in you is everything we could ever hope to need.  You are our great provider, our great comforter and my best friend.  

I am so grateful to you for this life you’ve given me. 

You have forgiven me for all the times that I’ve wasted my life, redeemed me, and set me up as an over-comer.  You have given me everything I need to accomplish your will in my life.  I thank you and I praise you, Oh God of my salvation!

I will seek you for where to look for work.  I will pursue your heart in this area.  You are with me always and I thank you. 

I love you God. You are my rock, you are my everything, and I will worship you.

*I prayed this prayer this afternoon while at the desk at my temporary place of employment. After I was laid off from my previous work due to the pandemic, God has provided for me this entire time. I didn’t have to worry, I didn’t have to stress.

I can do nothing but trust Him.


Restful Faith is my journey to a life trusting God with my most precious goals, hopes and dreams instead of living in fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

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