Revealing the heart of a Father who loves perfectly.

Get a fresh fire and motivation for the assignment God has for your life!

This is an exciting life of faith we’re leading, following Jesus for the call on our lives.  But sometimes fear comes and tries to stop us dead in our tracks.

This course is designed to help you move out of that stuck place and begin to step into everything God has planned for you to do!

Welcome to Restful Faith.

I’m Jackie. And I desire to remove the barriers that keep you from drawing closer to God.  Because when you can clearly see His nature and character, you’ll trust Him to lead you out of the pit, and into His glorious peace.

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Make the most out of your quiet time with God, no matter how much time you have in the morning. Free Quiet Time morning routine planner to help you grow closer to God.

How the Gospel Sets You Free

Rediscover the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to find freedom, peace and deliverance.

Join me every other week for honest conversations that open our eyes to the love of God, so we can learn to rest in Him.

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