I Will Rest in His Promises

Restful Faith is all about God.

It’s about marveling at who God is, while discovering the truth about who He isn’t. 

At Restful Faith, my greatest desire is for you to know and experience God for yourself.

Over the years, I’ve had to lean into God for companionship, intimacy, and deliverance from fear, while He’s taken me on a journey to know Him more.

And what I'm learning I want to share with you.

Through blog posts and stories, I want you to learn how God relates to His children. 

I want you to discover His personality, grandeur…and joy and laughter.

As we begin to remove the barriers between you and God, I pray your relationship with Him deepens everyday.

God has some great news for you and great plans for your life.  Together let’s unveil the heart of the One, true living God. 

God has made Himself known on the Earth.

We love and serve a God who is holy, pure, righteous, and just…with no faults or blemishes.

But we encounter so much in this world that leaves us wondering.

And here at Restful Faith, I want to try and answer some of those questions, to help you see God more clearly. I want you to get a bigger, better, more complete picture of this wonderful God we know, love, and serve.

Hey Friend,

In my recent walk with the Lord, I’ve discovered two major things that have kept me from drawing closer to Him.  One, not believing the truth about who He is, and Two, not believing the truth about who I am in Him.

If I was convinced that God was mad at me, I didn’t want to go to Him.  If I was sure that I had messed up too many times, I would think what’s the point?

But I’m learning…it’s not about me.  It’s about Jesus.

It’s about how God sees His Son in me.  Once you can grab hold of this truth…and hold on to it for dear life, then you’re free to come “boldly to His throne of grace.”  You’re free to walk out your faith-filled life in the full authority of Jesus Christ, saying no to fear and yes to Him. Amen.

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