Honest conversations that open our eyes to the love of God, so we can learn to rest in Him.

The Restful Heart podcast is for the believer anxious about their walk with the Lord.

I want you to be content in your salvation; to stop striving, overthinking, and trying so hard to get things right. I want you to be OK with where you are right now in whatever situation, and learn to just be…

I pray you learn to trust the God that’s right there with you, and allow Him to love you through this thing.

No matter how big, small…or scary.

And I don’t want it to stop there… I want you to be filled with excitement for the future God has for you, whatever that may be.

But it all starts with shifting how you see God.

We're learning to let go and be content with who He created us to be.

So God loves you.  That means something.

God’s not standing at a distance with His arms folded, ready to bring the hammer down as soon as you make a mistake.

All throughout the Bible, Old Testament and New,  you’ll see Jesus. You’ll see God’s heart of mercy and compassion for all His creation and for each of us individually.

My goal is to show you God’s heart.

When you can finally grasp the truth about God, things change.  You’re no longer striving, you can relax.  You’re able to trust deeper; falling backward into His arms without a safety net.

I like to think of that trust-building exercise you’ve seen on TV.

But the one who’s behind you with His arms outstretched isn’t distracted.  He isn’t too busy, or too upset or disappointed with you.  His eyes are laser-focused on you, arms outstretched, heart full of hope that you will say yes to Him and begin to live the full and abundant life He has for you.  This is a very different God than you may realize…I know He was for me.

Because I had such a limited view of scripture…I just had no clue.  I was walking around with years of rejection and lies about myself built up so strong that I couldn’t see straight.  I was an insecure mess.

It just took time.

It took time learning about Jesus through the scripture; and time in community, doing life with people who hold His light and love on the inside. It also took time walking with the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to teach me, and taking little steps of faith as I learned to trust Him more each day.

It took time.  And it took experience, trial and error.  Because following Jesus is an adventure. It’s not boring, not easy at times…but it will forever be worth it.

What I’ve learned and what I’m still learning about our God…I want to share with you.

I want us to have honest conversations that open our eyes to His love, so we can trust Him through absolutely anything – I pray this new knowledge of God’s love allows us to laugh in the face of trials, to step up and be bold in the face of opposition…and to look forward in life – hearts full of hope, ready to gladly lay it all down for Him.

That’s my prayer for you.

Also, if you just need peace right now.  You’ll find that here, too.  Love you.

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