All my life I’ve been a dreamer.

My imagination has taken me so many places, shown me my picture perfect future and united me with the love of my life.  I’ve always felt that my life would truly begin once I’ve:

  • finally lost the weight
  • become a successful musician, writer, or artist
  • earned enough money working from home to quit my day job

But what I’ve failed to realize all these years, is that this is my life.  What I do today will always determine my future.  I’m never going to magically leap into the future I’ve desired without taking steps today.

Do you know I used regularly avoid the mirror because I never looked as good as I do in my head?  I would always say to myself, “I’m going to lose weight someday, so it doesn’t matter what I look like now.”

I’ve even put off dating and having a social life. All because I’ve lived in my imagination instead of embracing my reality.

But how do I expect to gain the future I desire if I ignore what I’m doing today?

It all started last year when I sold my gaming PC for a laptop to start working from home (or a coffee shop or library). That act may seem small, but to me it was huge.  As a reformed gamer, I spent hours and hours and hours of my life on the computer, immersed in the latest RPG from my favorite game developers.   And as someone who loves to create, who knows what I could have accomplished in this life if I hadn’t spent so much time gaming.

Thankfully God has brought me to where I am today in spite of myself.

2018 has definitely been a monumental year for me, no question.  I already know this is the year I will never forget.  And the beautiful thing is that God had already prepared my heart.  I’ve learned so much.  And it has not been easy. But I already know it will be worth it.

My future is bright, and it begins today.  Today I will live as if I’m already there.

Have you been like me, spending your time daydreaming and wishing for a better life?

I want to encourage you today.  God has a future that is so bright for you.  And SO MUCH better than anything you can dream up.  I spent months learning code to become a web designer, but as I began to draw nearer to God, my desire to learn code began to dwindle.

And after asking the Lord what business to begin, He took me in a different direction.  I get to be creative and use the gifts and talents He’s given me.  Like I’ve said before, he knows us so much better than we know ourselves.


Restful Faith is my journey to a life trusting God with my most precious goals, hopes and dreams instead of living in fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

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