I’ve been reading an awesome devotional called Signs and Wonders 101, written by Jena Taylor of Faith City Missions here in Amarillo.  This devotional has blown my mind, stirred my faith, and reminded me of the awesome power of God to work miracles.


Faith City Mission’s healing stories are stories you don’t hear everyday.  Tumors dissolved, cancer healed, diseased bodies restored.  You might not believe that God still heals, as so many people have fallen ill or lost a loved one, especially in this pandemic.  I won’t argue with you or try to persuade you to believe.  All I can do is mourn with you, and then show you what God can and is willing to do for you because He loves you.

Jena’s Testimony

Jena begins this devotional by sharing her testimony, giving us a glimpse into the nature and wonder of God. She was a Sunday school teacher for years, serving faithfully and dutifully in her church. One day as she was in her study painting, listening to a sermon on cassette, she heard the teacher proclaim, “I am so grateful that I know, and I know that I know that Jesus is my Savior.” 

Jena, listening half-heartedly, suddenly stopped in her tracks. She asked: “How do you know that you know?”

For weeks, that question tugged at her heart. She began to question everything she knew as true. She was a “Christian.” She taught Sunday School and was faithful to read her Christian materials and recitations.

But then one day…

“One morning as I sat in my bedroom chair, coffee in hand, I presented my laundry list of requests to the Lord.  As I prayed, something subtle changed in the room.  I felt the shift, as if someone dear to me had just walked in.  I paused and cocked my head listening to the quiet of the house.  And then, for the first time in my life, I heard words in my head that were not mine.

“Jena, why don’t you ask me into your heart?”

“What does that even mean?” I did not know.

“Just open your heart to me and let me come in.” 

“But I teach Sunday school and arrange the flowers on the altar!”

“I know.  So will you let me come in and be your Lord?”

“For heaven’s sake, I am an Episcopalian for crying out loud!”

“That’s okay, just invite me into your life.”

I suddenly found myself on my knees on the floor which I had never done, and raised my hands, which I had never, EVER, done, and I asked Him in.  There were no bells, no choirs of angels, no brilliant flashes of light or thundering voices.  All I heard was the birds singing in the trees outside the window, and someone mowing a lawn somewhere.

I  got up to wash the dishes.  As I washed and looked out the window above the sink, I became conscious of the fact that I knew.

I knew in my knower that Jesus is my Savior.  It was nothing at all like believing.  Peace settled over me and a joy I had never known before.  God had extended His arms wide to me and given me the Key to the Kingdom.  Like a child, I took the key and experienced a miracle, my own salvation.  I became the citizen of another country, and I did not even know what that was, except for this incandescent sense of wellbeing.

It felt similar to the feeling one gets when it has snowed the night before and bundled in every conceivable garment, one explores the neighborhood.  It was the same neighborhood, but very different now and every new view was a delight.   It was the familiar clothed in beauty, as was the feeling of excitement and anticipation of what lay around the corner.

I turned from being a good soldier to being a daughter.  He had utterly burned my wires, fried my bacon, and thrown my breakers.  I wanted to know everything at once about my Father and His Son.”  Signs & Wonders 101, Page 8

This book is first and foremost a devotional. 

Signs and Wonders 101 is a beautiful, relatable, and thought-provoking devotional. Each day is filled with new miracle stories, Kingdom revelations, prayers, action plans to practice your faith, and space to journal your reflections.

I now find myself eager for my morning quiet time, ready to dive into the next story. This is a glimpse of what life with Christ looks like, and I want to challenge you and ask, “Does your life look anything like this? Do you want it to?”

Believe for more.

It can be hard to see past the natural world, as we often put God in “our little box.” Rarely do we let Him shape our perspective and understanding of the supernatural Kingdom of God.

Allow this devotional to stir your heart to believe for more. Let God reveal His wonders to you. He never changes and His faithfulness remains. If you open your heart to His Kingdom, you’ll soon start believing the impossible truly is possible with God.

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