God loves you. He sees you. He is for you.

He thinks about you constantly.

Trust Him and trust His ways. He knows your heart and feels your pain.

A word from the Lord:

Don’t give up and don’t give in. It’s your time and it’s your season.

God has you.

And that worry? It’s His to take. It’s His burden. Trust Him, He is with you. You are a mighty woman of God.

Daughter of God, this word is for you: Act out in faith and take courage. It’s your season.

Hold on don’t give in, don’t give up.

God is for you, He is for you. Trust Him and take courage.

Hold on to this word for you: He is for you.

Thank you Jesus.


Restful Faith is my journey to a life trusting God with my most precious goals, hopes and dreams instead of living in fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

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